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Kuno National Park comes under the Tropical regions and so does its climate. The mean temperature and precipitation of this park is 24.7 degree Celcius amd 764 mm respectively. This park is situated at 180 meters at its lowest and 500 meters above mean sea level at its highest point.

Mid June to September are considered as the Monsoon season when almost 90% of its total rainfall occurs. The maximum rainfall recorded in Kuno was 1318.2 mm in 1956 and minimum rainfall recorded was 227.5 mm in the year 1971. August is the wettest month which receives 30.4 cm of rainfall on an average.

October to mid March are considered as the winter season. December and January months are specifically chilly with average minimum temperatue of 7.27 & 6.3 degree celcius respectively.

Mid March to Mid June are typically hot summer months with max. average temperature recorded of 42.3 degree celcius. Entire area is very hot during the month of May till mid June in general with few days even experience dry dusty strong winds as well.

Best Time to Visit: Mid November to Mid March.

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