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Point of Interest

With its rich political history dating back to Kings of the area and conservation history as old as its political one, Kuno National Park boasts of various places of tourist interests.

The Forts: After Independence of India slowly the Kings of different princely state chose to become the part of republic of India, and most of their land holdings specially the Forest areas were handed over to Government. However most of the magnificent fortresses they had built were also left behind which have been slowly reclaimed by the jungles.

Palpur Fort or Garhi: Keeping five hundred years of secrets within its walls, Palpur Garhi, located on the banks of Kuno river once served as sanctuary to Chandravanshi Raja Bal Bahadur Singh, who assumed the throne in 1666. Looking at this imposing structure from across the flowing river at sunset is a sight to behold.

Amet Fort: Even though now almost completely engulfed in shrubs, this was also a part of Chandravanshi Raja Bal Bahadur Singh’s kingdom.

Maitoni Fort: The first fortress when the royal family came here from Karauli. With its massive arches and rickety walls, Maitoni is a sight to behold.

Kair-Khoh & Gravity Pipeline: The River Kuno is the main source of water in the forest and it would be fair to call it a life-line of the forest. But most of the other streams are not perennial and do not retain water in the summers. Thus the upper reaches on both sides of the Kuno River suffer from water scarcity during the summer.

At Kair Khoh, water from a natural spring which could not be taken into any productive use, is now carried to various water holes with the help of a pipeline, using just gravity. In an area replete with possibilities, this maintenance-free technique has ensured water to all wildlife throughout the year. The pipeline goes more than 18 kilometers to fill up several saucers and ponds.

In addition to the above places; other points of interest for the tourists are:

  • Dev Kho
  • Aamjhir
  • Bhanwar Kho
  • Maratha Kho
  • Daulatpura
  • Dev Kund
  • Jain Mandir
  • Natni Kho
  • Ransinh baba Temple
  • Dhoret Temple
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